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We hate to tell you this, but Busters Barbeque Sauce was created by accident. Back in '95, Kevin Welniak was trying to develop a signature sauce for his Barbeque Ribs at the then "Busters Family Restaurant". While blending ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar and various spices Kevin's sauce was average at best. So in a last ditch effort to save his concoction, he figured he needed to add something sweet. He was just about to add more sugar when he was interrupted by two locals selling freshly picked blueberries.

Those blueberries were blended into the concotion and Kevin couldn't believe how amazing the sauce tasted. Busters Famous Blueberry Barbeque Sauce was born!  The next year, Kevin began bottling and selling the sauce in jars in the restaurant. Until one fateful day in October of '97, the sauce took 2nd Place in it's category at one of the largest barbeque cookoff's, The American Royal in Kansas City. After that, Busters's sauce just kept on winning, check out the Award page for all our accolades!

When Kevin's only son, Stosh, re-opened Busters Barbeque Restaurant in 2007, they were still producing, bottling and packaging Busters sauce all on their own. Several businesses in Northwestern Ontario were carrying the sauce and they couldn't keep up with making and distributing it. So they enlisted the help of a bottling company to help lighten the load.

Busters Blueberry BBQ Sauce has become a favorite across Canada and the US!


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